Conference: « Real clinical practice in a changing world. Challenges and Solutions»

Dear colleagues.

The Association of HTA Experts, the Association of Clinical Pharmacologists, the St. Petersburg Branch of the International Society for HTA and Scientific Analysis - ISPOR would like to express our respect and invite you to participate in the conference: « Real clinical practice in a changing world. Challenges and Solutions», which will be held on September 29, 2022. Moscow. Russia.

The event will cover best global and domestic RWD/RWE practices.

During panel discussions, the leading experts in the field will handle the most challenging issues relating to RWD / RWE in Russia.

The Conference will be attended by the leading experts in clinical research, HTA, PhV, analysts dealing with Big Data, representatives of industry, patient organizations, ministry of health and regulatory agencies.

The online broadcast of the event will be available.

For details: and

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